Monday, February 6, 2012

Mao Zedong. Good? or Bad?

Derek DiPiet

   Mao Zedong. Good? Or Bad?

Chairman Mao is a bad person to many people in china. Mao is a bad ruler because he does not give everyone their own freedom. Mao treats people the way he want and didn’t care what they thought of it. People would complain but they couldn't or there would be consequences from Mao and or the Red Guard.

A main reason why Mao is a bad ruler was because he and the Red Guards searched peoples homes and belongings. Even though it was to destroy the four olds and get rid of the past it was destroying people’s memories and what was close to them. What happened was the Red Guards would search through people’s house if they heard any rumors around if people hid stuff from the past and if they found it they would be put into a type of jail. Yong chew got his house searched even though he wasn’t hiding anything “The Red Guards busted into my house and said where are you hiding it”? That is very wrong of Mao to order people to search through people houses or even go through anything that's not there’s without permission. Also because they were destroying peoples past and memories and they made everyone get rid of everything from the past which was very wrong.

Mao is also a bad ruler because he prohibits people from practices and their own beliefs and he made people believe in Maoism. “Maoism is the political, social, economic, and military theories and policies advocated by Mao Zedong, as those concerning revolutionary movements and guerrilla warfare”. If someone didn’t believe in Mao’s rules they were be punished and humiliated and people made up names and that's what they were known for. Ling Ling go humiliated for practicing Buddhism “The Red Guards made me put a sign around my neck saying counter revolutionist”.

Some people may disagree and say Mao is a good ruler, but there wrong because people who wanted to believe in what they want and to be free were not allowed to be. Everyone had to follow Mao’s rules and whatever he said went. Also he told people to break into your house and search it and you had no say and couldn't stop it. Even though there were some times where he was a good ruler, most of the time he was a bad and mean one.

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